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I Want This Cut!

By BrownFace · July 19, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Thoughts of cutting my hair have ravished my mind since April 2009.  But I have slowly (and I mean sloooowly), watched my hair grow.  I would love to have very long natural hair, but I don't think it's for me at this point or time in my life.   My creative and practical sides are warring, hence the reason for me wanting a dramatic change.  I also would like to add some color, but since I'm still looking for a day J.O.B. that is not feasible right now.  Kelis' cut would be my fantasy hair.  Since we do not have the same texture, I had to be more realistic.  Happened upon the pics below. Fell in love.  Her hair (in first two pics) is more like my texture.  What say you? Hubby is all for it!

On another note, why can't my back look like hers. Beautiful. I have lost weight everywhere else, but the rolls refuse to move on my back??

Here is a similar cut, but not similar texture.  Ultimately, I want it short on the sides and in the back and more length on the top.

Kelis' Cut (drooling at cut and color).  I'm not opposed to a texlax to achieve the curls, but the whole point of the cut is to be cute and carefree.

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Me & Mrs. Kelis Jones

By BrownFace · July 7, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Well, the former  Mrs. Jones appeared on 106 & Park yesterday to debut her new video.  Creatively inspired by her look, I decided to dedicate this post to her. First off, I could not stop staring at her hair.  Can we say GORG!  She made me want to take a scissors to my locks, at that very moment.  Then there was the make-up and the uber cute outfit.  She always beats to the tune of her own drum, no matter what anyone thinks and I like that about her. She's a friend in my head.

I was trying to find her outfit on the show yesterday, but no luck.  I found these pics of her in some FAB pieces.

C'moooonnnn, look at that hair!  I feel a cut and color in my near future.

Do we remember this?  One of my favorite videos.

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Pimpin or B**** Slap?

By BrownFace · June 14, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Kelis has yet, another new hair color.  She got a strong head a hair, cause God knows if I tried all the things she has, I would possibly be bald! So, I live vicariously thru her.  My thoughts...PIMPIN!  I love the fact that she is not afraid to try new things and beats to her own drum.  She can carry this look.  Let's just see how long it lasts...


Rhi Rhi has also been spotted with a new hair color, as well.  I'm torn.  Not sure how I feel about this one??  I liked the black most of all on her.  I would need to see how this color works with other styles.

More Short Spring Do's

By BrownFace · April 13, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Here are some more cuts I'm feeling...


The Queen of Hot Hair.  I love everything Kelis does with her hair.  Well except that super blonde phase. but she had the personality to pull that off.



Not sure why people think us Virgos are boring.  Pink is a prime example of our true nature...creatively FEARLESS!



Singer Pink Picture



Y'all know I had to throw the r&b princess in there...  So loving that blonde streak.  That's just what I want in blue!



This may be over the top for some, but I think it's Fabufreakinlous!  Did you peep her eyeshadow?


Rihanna's Faux Hawk



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BrownFace's Style Icons

Chloe Sevigny - She doesn't have just ONE style and is a risk taker.


Sarah Jessica Parker - Need I even say anything?







Tracee Ellis Ross - I literally drool at her outfits and style.







Gwen Stefani - Even after 40, she is not afraid to take risks.










Halle Berry - Simple Sophistication at it's BEST!









Living Vicariously thru Rihanna...  Nah, I can still rock

more than a few pieces from her wardrobe.










Tyra Banks - although she annoys me at times, I secretly want her life and clothes...lol