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Short Cuts Make Me Drool

By BrownFace · July 11, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

My hair looks good today, so I'm happy...for the moment.  I started researching short cuts last week, after my depressive rant on youtube (see previous post)...lol  I ADORE short hair, whether it be natural or relaxed.  When I was relaxed, long hair was the ish!  Now that I'm natural, though, I'm not feeling it on me.  I'm hoping it's just the weather.  Anywho, take a look at some FAB cuts I found online.  Can we say GORG!!!  I'm not sure what I will do with my hair yet, but I'm itching for one of these. 

If I was to cut, this would be the primary shape I would go for.  My hair is currently this color too. 

This color combo is FAB!  Not sure it would work on me, though.

If this is not my texture, it is MUEY close!  LOVES IT!!  It's a more accurate representation of what mine would like like with a little finagling.

Her color is what I was originally going for....oh well.  This cut makes me regret not appreciating my hair when it was short.  Her makeup is a more accurate representation of what mine would look like with a cut like this....lol

For more short hair porn, visit Natural Pixie on Tumblr.  Thank you to the Youtuber that sent me the link!

Whatever your hair length, Stay FAB FREAKIN FIERCE!

posted by kaylbelle

love these

posted by Anonymous

I know this is REALLY old post, but who are the first two women? I've been actively trying to find more information on their hair and I have no idea who they are.

posted by Anonymous

I am considering doing the "big chop" and going natural. Please keep posting pics!

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